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Business Foreign Exchange

Our market-leading rates and transparent pricing makes international trade so much simpler and profitable for businesses of any size.
Business Foreign Exchange

Personal Foreign Exchange

If you are involved in overseas property or have some other large overseas purchase, our live rates could save you thousands compared to using a bank
Personal Foreign Exchange

What makes us different

We offer a completely transparent service which means we always show live dealing rates - so what you see is what you get! A refreshingly different approach to foreign exchange.
What makes us different

Currency Converter

Get live dealing rates in seconds with our simple currency converter. The price we quote is the price you will get.
Currency Converter

Live Market Rates

View live interbank market rates in real-time at a glance to easily compare currency trends in an instant.
Live Market Rates

Compare 4X Rates

Does your bank have your best interests at heart? See how our market-leading rates are impacting on our clients’ bottom line.
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Ideal, hassle-free, commission-free, currency transactions with live rates. review stars

I have used 4x for 6 years for large and small transactions. There have never been any problems, except of my making, and I would rate them at 100%. A first for me!

Trevor Hughes Trevor Hughes

Excellent fast and transparent service review stars

Outstanding customer support

Aniko Aniko

4X Currency is authorised by the FCA as a Payments Institution which means that your money is completely safe. That guarantees that we hold a minimum amount of assets as capital adequacy for our customers’ security. In addition, we must also keep our customers’ funds in separate accounts from our own monies. In this regard we operate segregated Safeguarding accounts for relevant funds in line with the Payment Services Directive 2009. A full copy of the document can be found here.

These are the minimum requirements. However, you can also take comfort from that fact that we go considerably further to assure security of our customers’ funds, and our assets are considerably higher than the minimum requirement.

We are a well-established business that has been trading for seven years. We are backed and part-owned by Finance Yorkshire, itself an FCA-regulated entity, via a UK Government-backed linked investment. This has involved a detailed audit of our business, compliance and operations, both in previous years and ongoing.

We have invested heavily in systems and processes to make sure the safety of your money is our top priority. We never pay to any account other than that nominated by the customer themselves and this information is uploaded directly from the dealing platform into our banking system.

In line with our stringent security measures we also ensure that a clear audit trail is maintained throughout the process. When you perform a currency deal with us you will receive a contract note detailing the exact time, date and amount of the deal. This contract note has a unique trade reference which is used as an audit trail throughout the exchange and payment process and is used as a reference when we make your payment, so you can trace each deal through to its natural conclusion.

This contract note is stored in your transaction history on our online system and is available to view or download into a CSV file for your records or accounting purposes at any time.

4X complies with MLR8 guidance approved by HM Treasury and published by HM Revenue and Customs to ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism legislation. It never pays to accounts in sanctioned countries, individuals and entities, and operates a strict due diligence check for other high-risk factors. Any suspicious transactions are immediately reported to the relevant authorities. 4X is registered with HM Revenue and Customs registration number 12197726. This includes fit and proper tests for 4X Senior Management.

4X has been granted full Authorisation status from the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the FSA) as an Authorised Payments Institution under the Payment Services Directive 2009. Our Firm Reference Number is 591533. This means that in addition to sending currency to a bank account in our customers own name we can send currency directly to a bank account in the name of our customer’s suppliers, lawyers or third party beneficiaries on their behalf. Third party payments fall under the Payment Services Directive 2009 and 4X will hold all relevant client funds in line with this directive.

4X is registered under the Data Protection Act, registration number Z8882833 and complies with relevant data protection legislation. Click here to read 4X's Privacy Policy regarding Personal Information.